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WWCU is the broadcast service of Western Carolina University.

In the spring of 1948 Western Carolina Teachers College signed on WCCA at 550 on the AM dial and began Western Carolina University’s over 65-year history of broadcasting.  The WCCA call letters stood for Western Carolina Catamounts on the Air.

1948 WWCU

The station was operated as a student club. The faculty and students built the original AM transmitter using military surplus parts. The AM transmitter was discovered in a crawl space under the building where the radio station was once located.

WCCA Transmitter 1948

In 1977 Western Carolina University licensed the first FM radio station for the Jackson County region of the Great Smoky Mountains. This station remains the only FM service for the area.

Since its inception, WWCU has grown from being a small club to a professional learning laboratory in the Department of Communication, for students as well as any interested faculty and staff. The student-managed facility is on the air 24/7/365 serving the residents of Jackson and Haywood County.



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