Echoes of the Cotton Club

On Thursday, April 24 2014 the radio play re-creation, Echoes of the Cotton Club, will be performed at the John W. Bardo Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm.

Echoes of the Cotton Club is a re-creation of once popular radio plays in the early to mid 1900′s. The Cotton Club has deep historic and cultural significance as it was the first club in New York to feature all African-American musicians. A famous Duke Ellington was widely popular with his new sound and radio is what brought his music to the rest of America. Performances at the Cotton Club would be broadcast on the radio for listeners across the U.S. which is why his music spread so quickly.

WCU’s presentation will feature songs from Duke Ellington’s age through popular songs on the radio today. You will hear how his original music has affected the sound of many artists from Etta James to Bruno Mars. The Catamount Singers and Electric Soul perform the music in addition to featured dancers and actors, keeping you entertained for the entire show.

This is one unique experience you don’t want to miss! More information can be found here.

National Broadcasting Society

Are you a student at WCU? Do you have a passion for broadcasting? Are you a Communications student looking for an edge when you graduate? If you answered yes to one or all of the previous questions then you should join Alpha Epsilon Rho, the new WCU chapter of the National Broadcasting Society. The chapter offers a number of benefits including recognition of you as a serious broadcaster. Employers look for this when hiring because it lets them know that you are the real deal!

If you’re interested in joining, contact Kevin Bullock at or Bradley Lucore at You can also find our information on the Contact Us page on this website.