Live Web-Stream

Listening on your home computer or laptop:

Download and play this file in  iTunes, WinAmp, or VLC Player.

How To Tune-in On Your Apple Mobile Device:

You can download the file above and play it in your Apple device’s iTunes.


You may visit the App store and download SHOUTcast. Through the SHOUTcast App search for WWCU and there we are!

How to Tune-in On Your Android Mobile Device:

You will have to download the WinAmp application on Google Play. Upon installing you should be able to access SHOUTcast via the application. Just as the above Apple instructions suggest, search for WWCU and tune-in!

Were these instructions helpful?

If you have any suggestions or you encounter any problems with obtaining the web-stream on your home computer or mobile device please feel free to contact us.