How to Underwrite:

To underwrite with Power 90.5, call (828) 227-3851. Or email the General Manager at

Underwriting is an informative announcement acknowledging your contribution to Power 90.5 and an expression of gratitude. It is not a commercial as WWCU is licensed as a non-commercial station. WWCU has a variety of underwriting packages that all include a designated number of non-commercial underwriting announcements on the air and an ad on WWCU’s website.

Here is a guide to what underwriting is, and what it is not.

Program underwriting is offered in one month increments and is renewed on a monthly basis.¬†Underwriting announcements begin with the statement below, and then an informative explanation of your business’s services.

“Program Support for Power 90.5 is provided in part by…”

WWCU Cullowhee